How can we end the Corona madness and create a good life for all? The following strategy could be a solution.

Lawyers and judges, police officers and soldiers, as well as journalists and local decision-makers must be educated as efficiently and effectively as possible! Their world views are decisive in determining whether this unnecessary catastrophe will run its course or whether it will be possible to stop the ruling misanthropic elites.

Strategy for freedom
for a world in peace and justice


The basis of the following reflections is the realisation that the world is ruled by a network of influential unscrupulous people, as well as that Corona is part of a long-planned agenda and resembles a 3rd World War. In addition to the goals of total control over everything, the complete enslavement of humanity and the fusion of humans and technology (transhumanism), evidence is mounting that humanity is to be radically decimated. Since this agenda is obviously already very far advanced and of course any kind of resistance has been taken into account, there is – if it is still possible at all – most probably not much time left to stop this madness.

If you have not yet come to this conclusion, please watch the following two free documentaries: „Thrive“ from 2011 and „Plandemic“ from 2020.

If one asks how it is possible to dissolve the current power structures as smoothly and sustainably as possible, then this raises numerous other questions, such as:

What reactions can be expected from the ruling elites and their puppets?

Which people, positions or professions are crucial in such a change of power and system?

What role do petitions or elections, demonstrations, blockades, tax boycotts, general strikes play in this?

How can education or disenchantment succeed as efficiently and effectively as possible?

How could such a global change take place in concrete terms?

How can people be motivated to actively work for such a change?

The power structures of globally cooperating elites that have existed for centuries can in all likelihood only be dissolved through a global resistance that is as simultaneous as possible and specifically directed against these power structures.

The brought about Corona crisis could be called a true blessing in this respect, because it has already triggered a sustained or even growing global resistance, which is even partly already directed precisely against such elites. One sub-goal is therefore not only to maintain this resistance but to strengthen it. Another sub-goal is to inform the majority of the demonstrators (who are probably mostly pure opponents of the measures and more or less „only“ pursue the goal of returning to the old normality) about the global power structures and about solutions and alternatives, e.g. by convincing the organisers of this strategy or by informing the participants directly with flyers and talks.

How will the elites react when the people’s education about the abuses is fulfilled and erupts in great indignation? A possible loss of power very likely means life imprisonment or even death for certain elites and their puppets. They will therefore try to nip any serious resistance in the bud and defend their status to the extreme with all conceivable means (war of aggression, civil war, blackout, concentration camps, etc.). Because many of them are obviously completely unscrupulous or completely insane, it cannot be ruled out that they will try to drag everyone down with them as soon as they realise that their power is slipping away.

The prevention of possible kamikaze actions and genocide attempts on the part of the elites (e.g. through forced vaccinations), should therefore take a central role in the planning and implementation of a global takeover.

Apart from the power of elites, the power of each individual and the power of united masses of people, much of the power lies in the decisions of lawyers and judges, police officers and soldiers, as well as journalists and local politicians. In a sense, they stand between humanity and the ruling elites. They can protect the elites from the masses through violent oppression and manipulation. But they could also, conversely, protect the masses from the rushed, by exposing, condemning and preventing their crimes. Above all others, they are the ones who could organise the smoothest and most coordinated change possible.

The findings of the „Milgram experiment“ are also important in this respect. Briefly and loosely defined, it proves that people will do almost anything that an authority they recognise tells them is the right thing to do. From this it can be concluded that one can disappoint a large part of the subordinate people if one succeeds in disappointing an officer or even a general, a police commissioner or chief police commissioner, a constitutional judge, an editor-in-chief, a chief physician or a school headmaster etc.

The targeted and professional education or disenchantment of these „key target groups of change“, first and foremost the leadership positions, should therefore be one of the top priorities of all resisters.

The challenge we face is not only (generally) to educate people who are convinced they are sufficiently educated and have a natural aversion to questioning or even changing their beliefs, but also to emancipate people from their anticipatory obedience and deceptive trust in authority – government, journalism, superiors.

I see one possibility for enlightenment and disenchantment in presenting as professional an overview and summary as possible to all those who are potentially open and interested in other views but cannot see the wood for the trees. E.g. of the biggest and most questionable inconsistencies concerning Corona or other essential connections of our reality. For example, the fact that wealth and power could hardly be distributed more unfairly and that there are many influential and unscrupulous people who, through certain structures and institutions, form a global network that most people, remarkably, still cannot properly imagine.

Basically, education is about reaching people and getting them to consume certain pre-selected information. This kind of education is also about making people doubt the official narratives and encouraging them to inform themselves and find out the truth. There are many ways to get people to consume certain information. For example, by repeating the information, in different formats, by different people, on different occasions. E.g. by calling, writing letters, talking on the street, etc.

Another possibility is to build up a certain social pressure, e.g. by writing a mail or letter to all police stations in the country with the subject: „this message went to all…“. Another positive side effect of this method is that it additionally stimulates exchange among each other, because everyone knows that everyone has received this information.

In the text, I also called on others to show whether they doubt the public narrative or whether they are against or in favour of the measures, e.g. by drawing a cross on their mask or, if possible, not wearing one at all, but at least talking openly about it with as many people/colleagues as possible and coming out. On the one hand, the idea behind this is that this can lead to a (in this case intentional) split. Because only when there are two groups within the police or the military, for example, is it possible to choose a side or even change sides. On the other hand, it makes general sense that all opponents of Corona measures, all opponents of imperialism and all opponents of tyranny would permanently identify themselves as such.

A little story about this: A senator in the Roman slave empire had made the suggestion to mark all slaves with white bands… His advisor replied to this suggestion: „If you mark them like this, they will only realise how many they actually are… And then they will rise up against us“.

How many have held back their opinion until now, for whatever reason, could then become apparent when more and more get over themselves to demonstrate to everyone else how they think. That, in turn, would encourage others to do so. And it might even turn out that there is already a majority. How important it is for people’s world view to see or know how others think is impressively demonstrated by Asch’s „conformity experiment“. Our need to belong to a group even takes on such proportions that we pretend to believe obvious untruths to be true.

Many of these processes have already begun! Worth mentioning are, for example, the organisation of panel discussions with local decision-makers and the organised and targeted distribution of information material to local politicians, as well as the organised nationwide distribution of flyers to independently educate the general population.

How could such a global change take place in concrete terms?

In the course of the increasingly successful dissemination of these thoughts and the resulting increasingly successful enlightenment of these target groups, one could (globally) make the demand for transitional governments with integrity unmistakably loud. For a successful launch of a transitional government, the following two factors are likely to be crucial:

  1. Firstly, it requires ever louder accusations of a collective mistrust of the incumbent government from the population, from recognised authorities, role models and other influential people, but also from the opposition parties, as has already happened twice recently in Austria, for example (5/2019 and 12/2020).
  2. Secondly, a network of renowned politicians, journalists, lawyers, police officers and soldiers of integrity is needed, as well as a body of recognised experts of integrity, who together can form a trustworthy transitional government that would be accepted or even endorsed by the broad mass of the population.

The current military coup in Myanmar (Burma/Burma) is proof that such a thing is not only conceivable but also feasible!

After the successful establishment of transitional governments with integrity, they could then try to implement the following priorities as quickly, simultaneously and comprehensively as possible:

Stop the corrupt networks and think tanks of influential people. High nobility, oligarchs, bankers, media monopolists, lobbyists, leading politicians and other system puppets should be deprived of their power, for example by judicial sentencing according to international laws (Nuremberg Trial!), and by a social order in which such elitist, intransparent groupings can no longer be possible.

Takeover of the sovereignty of interpretation, through a targeted takeover of the broadcasting stations of the leading media; proclamation of a transitional government and the further course of action.

Initiation of public, free dialogues and discourses on the essential connections of our reality, whereby not only the truth gradually comes to light, but also all the solutions and alternatives that already exist.

– Call for the organisation of mutual psychological support as widely as possible, because certain facts probably cannot be processed by many without help.

Prepare the population for a possible crisis and social unrest, while maintaining stability, peace and order: e.g. by calling for networking with local farmers and other local suppliers and, if necessary, organising local citizens‘ vigils.

Creation of independence at all levels – food, energy, electricity, medicine, money… – through regional, local, self-sufficient and crisis-proof structures (decentralisation of socially essential systems).

Stabilisation of the economy and the financial system, through the introduction of value-covered (full money) and circulation-secured (free money) regional currencies (see „free economy“ and „the miracle of Wörgl“).

Understanding, networking and cooperation with the key target groups or already existing transitional governments of all neighbouring countries and worldwide.

– Establishment of holistic and transparent decision-making processes and power structures: e.g. through more direct democracy, citizens‘ parliaments, „systemic consensus building“ (SK principle, sociocracy, consensus-building, deliberative democracy).

Establishment of „social threefolding“ according to Rudolf Steiner (freedom in spiritual life, equality in legal life, fraternity in economic life).

– Establishment of holistic systems at all levels (education, health, etc.)

The right to unlimited private ownership, as well as the right to private ownership of limited resources (water, oil or gas sources; mines; more arable land than one needs, etc.), are among the thickest roots of all evil and should therefore be urgently reconsidered and renegotiated. These rights should always, but especially in times of change, be the focus of enlightenment movements! No one should be expropriated! No citizen should be forcibly expropriated! On the contrary, only the expropriation of the people by a few oligarchs should be reversed! It is not the „normal citizen“ who is to be expropriated, but the oligarch who is to be prevented from appropriating limited resources of nature to which all people have a right.

„The first man who surrounded a piece of land with a fence and had the idea of saying „This is mine“ and who found people simple-minded enough to believe him, was the real founder of civil society. How many crimes, wars, murders, how much misery and horror would the human race have been spared if someone had pulled out the stakes and shouted to his fellow men: „Beware of believing the deceiver; you are lost if you forget that while the fruits belong to all, the earth belongs to no one.“
-Jean Jacques Rousseau, Discourse on Inequality (ed. Meier). UTB, 2008, P. 173

A peaceful, just and sustainable economic-financial solution could lie in the global establishment of a mixture of the following 3 models/concepts: the free economy according to Silvio Gesell, the resource-based economic model according to Jacque Fresco and the common good economy according to Christian Felber. A truly „unconditional“ basic income would only be fair if all people worldwide received it, but then the question arises as to what it is still needed for, the dear money.

Money has mutated into a kind of religion. Most people believe that life without money is impossible, although 99.9 percent of all species prove the opposite every day. It is possibly one of the most crucial questions for the future of humanity: whether the everyday use of money is more useful or more harmful for the socialisation of people, for peaceful coexistence and a sustainable way of life. As well as answering the question of how a world worth living in could function without money. A recommendation for further reading on the topic of the debt-money system and the credit system is the book „Debt – the first 5,000 years“ by David Graeber.

How can people be motivated to actively work for such change?

There are several factors that play a decisive role. For example, the belief in various visions of the future. If one believes that it is possible to create a significant improvement in living conditions for oneself and others, then one is more motivated to do something about it than if one does not believe in it. From propaganda theory we know that and how it is possible to create and consolidate a certain belief. The following realisation must be brought to people’s attention: If our knowledge and the resources of the earth were to benefit all people approximately equally, then we would very likely only have to invest a fraction of the current working time, with the average standard of living being many times higher than today. Water, food, housing, energy, mobility, education, medical care, etc. could be free for all people. We already have the means to do this, it is just a question of our imagination, our priorities and our will. Equally motivating is the belief that the future will bring much worse living conditions if we ourselves and an increasing number of people do not act or resist soon. Other factors are fears and lack of courage, which need to be addressed specifically.

What role do petitions or elections, demonstrations, blockades, tax boycotts, general strikes play in this?

If petitions, referendums and elections could fundamentally change the established system, then this would either already have succeeded or would have been banned long ago. As long as the prevailing opinion is the opinion of the rulers (sovereignty of interpretation of the government and the leading media) and as long as the electoral system allows electoral fraud, it is highly unlikely that a party that promotes peace, freedom and justice will take over the government. And even if the people were to vote out the corrupt elite, the next day there would probably be a civil war forced by the elites.

Demonstrations give courage and hope and are outlets for frustration and anger, but they have little or no influence on political decisions. Moreover, protests and demonstrations are planned and sometimes even desired by the elites, e.g. to create various images to better defame the critical mass in the media. Blockades could achieve a lot, but obviously we are not in a position to organise something like „Occupy Wall Street“ regularly and across countries. It would be interesting, for example, to blockade the main headquarters of the public media for several days, demanding free public dialogue and discourse. However, we are obviously too well-behaved and too comfortable for this kind of resistance, or most resisters do not see the need for it.

The same applies to a tax boycott or general strike, with additional factors that make these very effective methods extremely unlikely: a critical mass that is (still) too small, as well as disunity within this mass and in the general public.

Trying to change something fundamental in pseudo-democratic dictatorships by means of elections, new parties or demonstrations, or to withdraw from the influence of a global power elite – is like going to a gunfight with a knife… better than nothing, but in reality completely inappropriate and in all likelihood completely futile!

WE muSt become cReAtIvE! NOW or NEVER!
Instead of the weekly „silent marches“, rallies, walks and revolutionary car honking, we must start to resist creatively: in front of our town halls, media, courts, police stations, barracks or even in front of the residences of various traitors to the people…

wrong with that? Instead of demonstrating weekly, we could also block the entrances of our propaganda/truth ministries: our leading media for weeks. e.g. with the demand for a daily independent „Corona Committee“ and „free public dialogues and discourses“ and that in prime time!

#Flashmobs and „covert theatre“
Where are you, you creative rebels? What’s wrong with meditating regularly in front of our police stations with a simple question/demand? Theoretically, you could also trigger a bank run with this means, if you wanted to…
They exist, these creative people who drop tons of manure in front of the city hall or concrete certain entrances in night & fog actions…
Please more of them!

What’s wrong with all people who are against the C-measures, or even all people who are against the power structures, marking themselves as permanently as possible? as soon as we see how many we are...


The prerequisite for implementing such a strategy is logically the broadest possible, growing and widespread (global) understanding of its necessity, which can result in sufficient motivation to implement it. This is only possible through its dissemination and the resulting increasing engagement with it.

This is – not only – a first draft of a possible „strategy of change“, but – above all – also a cordial invitation to think along, reflect, think ahead, network and argue. I see the most significant progress in terms of positive change in the fact that more and more people are dedicating themselves to such topics and joining together in a kind of „Thinking Factory of Change“ in order to exploit our swarm intelligence as much as possible in this regard as well. If you are interested in working together, please get in touch and forward this invitation to potentially interested people.

Many thanks and hopeful greetings!
Only together we are strong!